Thursday, 4 August 2016

Obaby @ the Awards!

Obaby's Awards

Since we received a Bronze award for our Obaby Atlas V2 in the 2012/13 Mother & Baby awards, we've been receiving more awards with each year that passes!  Keep reading to see which of our products have been award worthy and what awards they won :)

Mother & Baby Awards

Obaby Atlas V2 - Best Lightweight Buggy/Stroller - Bronze

Loved by Parents Awards

ABC Design Zoom - Best Double/Tandem Pushchair - Gold
ABC Design Zoom - Best Double Stroller - Gold
ABC Design Zoom - Best Pushchair over £300 - Bronze


Mother & Baby Awards

Obaby ZeZu Multi - Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair - Bronze

Loved by Parents Awards

ABC Design Zoom - Best Double/Tandem Pushchair - Gold
ABC Design Zoom - Best Double Stroller - Gold
Obaby Zezu Multi - Best Pushchair over £300 - Gold
Obaby ZeZu Multi - Best Double/Tandem Pushchair - Silver
Obaby Zezu Multi - Best Double Stroller - Silver
Obaby Chase Pramette - Best Travel System under £500 - Gold
Obaby Chase Pramette - Best 3 Wheel Pushchair - Silver
Obaby Chase Pramette - Best Pushchair Under £300

Best Baby & Toddler Gear (Mumii Awards)

Obaby Metis - Best Stroller under £150 - Silver & Consumers Choice
Obaby Nanofold Highchair - Best Highchair - Bronze


Mother & Baby Awards

ABC Design Zoom - Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair - Bronze

Loved by Parents Awards

ABC Design Zoom - Best Double Stroller - Gold
ABC Design Zoom - Best Travel System over £500 - Silver
ABC Design Zoom - Best Double/Tandem Pushchair - Silver
ABC Design Takeoff - Best Innovative Stroller/Pushchair - Bronze
ABC Design Cobra - Best 3 Wheel Pushchair - Silver
ABC Design Cobra - Best Stroller - Silver
Obaby ZeZu Multi - Best Double Stroller - Silver
Obaby ZeZu Multi - Best Pushchair over £300 - Bronze


Mother & Baby Awards

ABC Design Mamba - Best Travel System - Silver

Prima Baby Awards

ABC Design Takeoff - Best Lightweight Buggy - Gold
ABC Design Salsa 3 (Cobra) - Best Travel System over £500 - Silver
Obaby Lincoln Mini Cot Bed - Best Cot/Cot Bed - Bronze

Loved by Parents Awards

Obaby Zeal - Best Innovative Stroller - Gold
Obaby Zeal - Best Lightweight Stroller - Silver
ABC Design Mamba Plus - Best Innovative Pushchair - Platinum
ABC Design Zoom - Best Double Stroller - Platinum
ABC Design Zoom - Best Double/Tandem Pushchair - Gold
ABC Design Zoom - Best Travel System over £500 - Gold

With the 2016 Awards only half way through, we only need 2 more Awards to make this our best year yet!  Fingers crossed!

Monday, 23 May 2016

The BBTG Awards 2016 - We Need Your Help

It's that time of year again and we need your help to earn us the Consumer Choice Award for our entries in the Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2016.

This year, we've got 4 entries which have all been shortlisted in each of their relevant categories:

ABC Design Zoom Style - Best Pushchair for Two (Video)
ABC Design Mamba Plus - Best Luxury Pushchair (Video)
Obaby Zeal - Best Single Stroller (Video)
Disney Winnie the Pooh: Dreams & Wishes - Best Nursery Furniture Set

The gold, silver and bronze awards are determined by a selection of judges, but it's the Consumer Choice award that is decided by you.  All we ask is that you spend a minute of your time to head over to the Mumii website, register to vote and then please place your vote on one or all of our products. If you'd like to find out more about the products before you cast your vote, all of the information can be found on the awards website, or alternatively keep reading.

ABC Design Zoom Style - Best Pushchair for Two

The ABC Design Zoom Style tandem is the ultimate system for twins. The amount of seating options that the Zoom can provide is unrivalled in the tandem market. Its height adjustable, leather effect handle, all round suspension and lockable front swivel wheels ensure comfort for parents, while the extra padded, parent/forward facing seat units with 3 position recline keep little ones happy.

Adding from birth use to the Zoom couldn’t be easier - its quick release seat unit system allows you to change between seat units and optional ABC Design carrycots or car seats effortlessly and with the addition of simple adaptors, the Zoom can accommodate Maxi Cosi, Cybex and Kiddy Group 0+ car seats. If you’re looking for a tandem that offers all the flexibility you can imagine, then look no further than the ABC Design Zoom Style.

ABC Design Mamba Plus - Best Luxury Pushchair

The ABC Design Mamba Plus is a versatile pushchair cram packed with features. The chassis features 3 level adjustable suspension, hand operated parking brake, quick release wheels, large shopping basket and handmade, leather effect handle, labels and trim. The height adjustable handle and one foot push swivel wheel lock mean that the Mamba Plus is designed with parents in mind as much as baby.

The 3 position, full lie back seat unit boasts a memory foam interior covered with durable fabric, a quick release bumper bar for extra safety, a 5 point harness with matching shoulder/crotch pads, height and length adjustable leg rest and a hood with zipped extension, coverable parent viewing window, sun visor and UPF 50+ protection throughout.

Obaby Zeal - Best Single Stroller

The stroller features a 4 position seat unit with full lie back meaning that little one can be out and about from birth all the way through to 15kg. With its lightweight aluminium chassis, foam padded handles, lockable front swivel wheels, all-round suspension and puncture resistant wheels - the Zeal is equipped to handle any situation.

If you need to fold your Zeal for transport or storage, a simple 2 step closing mechanism will have it folded up and locked in seconds. A convenient carry handle makes transporting the Zeal a breeze and unfolding can be done with a quick flick and a one foot push. Add the optional from birth carrycot and/or car seat and the Zeal becomes a great value travel system. Available in a range of stylish designs means there’s a Zeal out there to suit everybody.

Disney Winnie the Pooh: Dreams & Wishes - Best Nursery Furniture Set

The Dreams & Wishes 3 piece furniture set is perfect for families with Winnie the Pooh in mind and features adorable illustrations, co-ordinated delightfully throughout all items in the Dreams & Wishes set.

Beautifully designed and built to last, the Winnie the Pooh Dreams & Wishes furniture set includes a cot bed, under drawer, closed changing unit and spacious double wardrobe, all packed full of convenient storage solutions to give parents a much needed helping hand in organising baby’s room. The Winnie the Pooh Dreams & Wishes furniture set offers everything you could possibly need to make little one’s first few years as comfortable as possible.

It literally only takes a minute of your time to vote for us and it would mean so much to us if you did. So please, if you've had a good experience with an Obaby or ABC Design product or if you even just simply like the look of them, please head over to the Mumii website and vote.

Thank you :)

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Product Spotlight: ABC Design Mamba Plus

The Mamba Plus is one of the new 2016 products from ABC Design.  This ultra versatile pushchair features 3 level adjustable suspension, a full lie back seat unit which can be parent or forward facing, an adjustable height & length footrest, UPF 50+ hood and is compatible with the ABC Design Mamba Plus carrycot and Risus Group 0+ infant car seat.  If you'd rather have a 3 wheeled pushchair, then take a look at the Cobra Plus which offers all the same amazing features but on a three wheel chassis.

Upon first unpacking the Mamba Plus (1), you can see that the parts are relatively straight forward as to where they fit.  The instructions are very simple to follow and before you know it, you've got the wheels on (2) and then the seat unit attached (3).  All the elements are quick release: a button on the front of each front wheel releases them, a button in the centre of the rear wheels releases them and the seat unit is held in by a clip on either side which also has indicators as to whether or not the seat is secure.  Also in pictures 2 and 3, you can see the reflective safety strip down the side of the large shopping basket reacting to the camera flash. 

To make life easier for the parent, the handle bar can be adjusted from 83cm (4) to 109cm (5), meaning that no matter what your height, the Mamba Plus will be as comfortable for you to push as possible.  To aid in getting little one in and out of the seat, the bumper bar releases and opens on either side (6) and can be removed completely just as easily. In this picture you can also see the extra padded seat unit and padded shoulder and crotch pads.  The harness also features a small Velcro’d loop for holding little one’s pacifier or toy.

To make it even comfier for little one, the foot rest is not only height adjustable (7-8), but is also length adjustable (8-9), a feature that isn’t seen on many pushchairs.  In these pictures, you can also see the main bracket for attaching and adjusting the seat unit.  With one of these on either side, the top element pulls upwards to release the seat unit completely, the circular button in the middle allows you to recline the seat unit, and beneath that you can see the safety indicator – it’s showing green in these pictures as the seat unit is correctly fastened.  If this was red, it would mean you hadn't securely attached the seat unit and should try again.  However, the seat unit is so simple to attach that you should only ever see it showing red when it isn't attached at all.

The Mamba Plus comes with 3 level adjustable suspension that is extremely simple to change, but really does make a difference to the springiness of the pushchair.  With the larger wavy line on display (10), the suspension is at is softest and would easily handle extremely rough terrain.  By simply pushing down and twisting the part with the line on, the suspension can be changed to middle firmness and then the firmest setting (11), which is perfect for general use when you don’t need the extra bounce.  When you need to lock or unlock the front swivel wheels, a simple press with your foot on the top of each wheel (12) does the job effortlessly.

The Mamba Plus’s hood is extremely versatile.  It features UPF 50+ throughout and various levels of extendibility.  Its standard extension (13) is more than enough protection for everyday use, but if it’s sunny at all, simply flip out the sun visor (14).  Undoing the zip around the rear extends the hood to nearly double its original size – perfect for when it’s raining hard.  To finish off the hoods features, there is a coverable parent viewing window on the top for keeping an eye on your little one.

To add to the already impressive list of features, the Mamba Plus features full lie back and as with all the other recline positions, can be used in either a forward (17) or parent (18) facing position.  If you wish to use the Mamba Plus from birth, the chassis facilitates the use of both the Risus Group 0+ infant car seat (19) and the Mamba Plus carrycot (20).

With all these amazing features, the Mamba Plus covers the demands of most parents and is so versatile that it will seamlessly become part of your way of life.  To find a stockist or for more details, simply click on the link below.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Prima Baby Awards 2016

The results have been announced for this year's Prima Baby Awards and it's been another great year for Obaby and ABC Design.  We've managed to earn 3 medals and 3 shortlisted awards between us - out of the hundreds of entries, that's quite an achievement.

Take a look below at the winning products - all of which are available to purchase now.

ABC Design Takeoff

Best Lightweight Buggy - Gold

The ABC Design Takeoff is an extremely lightweight and compact stroller which is perfect for everyday travel.  Folding to a size of 50 x 49 x 39cm, the Takeoff is the ideal size for effortlessly placing in your car boot.  With its adjustable seat unit and bumper bar, you can adjust the Takeoff to make it perfect for little one and its UPF50+ hood ensures they're always protected.

If you want to use the Takeoff from birth, the ABC Design Risus Group 0+ infant car seat attaches effortlessly and makes the Takeoff not only ultra portable, but extremely practical.

ABC Design Cobra
Best Travel System Over £500 - Silver

The ABC Design Cobra adds yet another award to its name after winning 2 Silver Awards in last year's Loved by Parents awards (Best Stroller, Best 3 Wheeled Pushchair).

Its 3 position, parent/forward facing seat unit offers great versatility from 6 months, but when paired with the Risus Group 0+ infant car seat, the Cobra becomes the perfect, from birth travel system. Its 3 large wheels offer ultimate manoeuvrability while its height adjustable handle and suspension make it as comfortable for you as it does for little one.

Obaby Lincoln Mini Sleigh | Best Cot/Cot Bed - Bronze

The Obaby Lincoln Mini Sleigh cot bed can effortlessly change between being a cot bed, junior bed and a day bed and provides a practical storage solution with its subtle under drawer.  Available in a range of finishes, it's elegant, curved scroll design and slatted sides will look perfect in any nursery.  To make your room look even more perfect, why not add the matching Lincoln double wardrobe and closed changing unit?


Although not quite good enough to take the top spots, our last 3 items made it to the shortlisted stage showing that they're still some the top products available to purchase at the moment.

Obaby Zeal
Best Travel System Under £500
Obaby ZeZu Multi
Best Double Buggy
ABC Design Zoom Tandem
Best Double Buggy

Being the first awards for the Obaby Zeal, getting shortlisted is quite an achievement.  This multi function stroller that grows with your baby is the perfect from birth environment for your little ones.  For even extra from birth usage, there are optional Group 0+ car seats and carrycots that make the Zeal even more versatile.  

The Obaby ZeZu Multi and ABC Design Zoom are award regulars and between them hold 15 awards (6 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze).  Whilst both of them are for multiple children, they are both completely different.

The ZeZu Multi is on its own a perfect from birth pushchair with a parent/forward facing seat unit that effortlessly converts into a pramette.  With the addition of the Tandem Kit, the ZeZu then offers either a second seat or a ride on board with support handle.  The simplicity of the design means it can be converted from pushchair -> pramette -> tandem or any combination with ease.

The ABC Design Zoom is the only tandem that offers true face to face interaction for children which is why it is perfect for twins.  Its German engineering and solid construction mean that although it is large in size, its manoeuvrability remains first class.  The Zoom is suitable from 6 months as standard, but is compatible with the Risus Group 0+ car seats and the ABC Design Zoom Carrycots.  Any combination of seat units, car seats and carrycots can be used at any time and changing between them is as simple as pressing a catch on either side.  If you're looking for a tandem with the best versatility, practicality and usability then look no further than the ABC Design Zoom.

With the awards year only just underway, this is just the start for Obaby and ABC Design with hopefully a lot more to come. To find a retailer or for further information on both the current and past award winners, head over to the Obaby website.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Product Spotlight: ABC Design Zoom Style

From the 2016 range of ABC Design products comes the all new Zoom Style Tandem.  Whilst it shares most of it's features with that of the original Zoom, there are some important tweaks that make the Style even better.


Once removed from the packaging (1), you call tell instantly that the Zoom will take very little assembly.   With only 10 items to put together, 4 of which are the wheels, there's hardly anywhere you can go wrong.  Simply unfold the chassis and attaching the wheels is as simple as pushing them in until they click into place (2).  To attach the seat units, simply line up the locking catches on either side (3) and yet again click into place.  Now all there is to do is attach the bumper bars, which you just line up and push in.  Done (4). Should you need to remove them, the items release almost as easily as you put them together. Now your Zoom Style is built, let's have a closer look at some of the features.


When you first assemble the Zoom Style, you can instantly feel the German quality stand out. The chassis itself, although large, is extremely manoeuvrable thanks to it's large rubber wheels which spin and rotate effortlessly thanks to high quality ball bearings. To make pushing the Zoom even more comfortable, the handle height is adjustable from 94 to 105cm (5). When it's time for stopping, the sturdy parking brake can be applied and released easily (6).   

For your little ones, there's adjustable footrests for extra comfort (7) and bumper bars which can be released at either end to aid access (8).  The seat unit itself is made from extra supportive memory foam and features a 5 point safety harness and shoulder/crotch pads.  The crotch pad securely covers the harness buckle to prevent accidental release and all the shoulder pads are Velcro attached to the straps to stop them sliding down.  The left shoulder strap also features a small Velcro'd loop for securing little one's pacifier or toys when on the move. (9)

The two hoods that are included with the seat unit both offer UPF 50+ throughout which is priceless on those sunny summer days (10).  The protection is further enhanced by double extension sun visors, which conveniently fold under the hood when not in use (11).  Keeping an eye on little ones is simple thanks to the parent viewing windows which feature a handy cover to ensure the UPF 50+ protection is maintained (12).


The Zoom Style features luxury, handmade, leather effect elements throughout.  The comfort foam handle is hand stitched and is perfect for them long journeys that take their toll on your hands (13).  The bumper bars not only look attractive, but the Style fabric means that they are easier to keep clean than standard (14).  The leather effect trim, whist not serving a practical purpose, ties all the Style elements together and simply looks superb (15).  The labels throughout the tandem are all handmade and match to the luxurious theme throughout, adding the perfect finishing touches to the Style design (16).


The best thing about the Zoom Style is how versatile it is (17-20).  It's the only tandem that offers true face to face interaction for children.  In theory with it's 2 seat units, carrycots and Risus Group 0+ car seats, there are 16 seating combinations and this doesn't even take into account the position adjustment of the seat units.  It's safe to say that if you need to transport 2 little ones around, you're guaranteed to find a seating combination that suits you - and it's extremely quick and easy to modify whenever you need to.