Product Spotlight: ABC Design Zoom Style

From the 2016 range of ABC Design products comes the all new Zoom Style Tandem.  Whilst it shares most of it's features with that of the original Zoom, there are some important tweaks that make the Style even better.


Once removed from the packaging (1), you call tell instantly that the Zoom will take very little assembly.   With only 10 items to put together, 4 of which are the wheels, there's hardly anywhere you can go wrong.  Simply unfold the chassis and attaching the wheels is as simple as pushing them in until they click into place (2).  To attach the seat units, simply line up the locking catches on either side (3) and yet again click into place.  Now all there is to do is attach the bumper bars, which you just line up and push in.  Done (4). Should you need to remove them, the items release almost as easily as you put them together. Now your Zoom Style is built, let's have a closer look at some of the features.


When you first assemble the Zoom Style, you can instantly feel the German quality stand out. The chassis itself, although large, is extremely manoeuvrable thanks to it's large rubber wheels which spin and rotate effortlessly thanks to high quality ball bearings. To make pushing the Zoom even more comfortable, the handle height is adjustable from 94 to 105cm (5). When it's time for stopping, the sturdy parking brake can be applied and released easily (6).   

For your little ones, there's adjustable footrests for extra comfort (7) and bumper bars which can be released at either end to aid access (8).  The seat unit itself is made from extra supportive memory foam and features a 5 point safety harness and shoulder/crotch pads.  The crotch pad securely covers the harness buckle to prevent accidental release and all the shoulder pads are Velcro attached to the straps to stop them sliding down.  The left shoulder strap also features a small Velcro'd loop for securing little one's pacifier or toys when on the move. (9)

The two hoods that are included with the seat unit both offer UPF 50+ throughout which is priceless on those sunny summer days (10).  The protection is further enhanced by double extension sun visors, which conveniently fold under the hood when not in use (11).  Keeping an eye on little ones is simple thanks to the parent viewing windows which feature a handy cover to ensure the UPF 50+ protection is maintained (12).


The Zoom Style features luxury, handmade, leather effect elements throughout.  The comfort foam handle is hand stitched and is perfect for them long journeys that take their toll on your hands (13).  The bumper bars not only look attractive, but the Style fabric means that they are easier to keep clean than standard (14).  The leather effect trim, whist not serving a practical purpose, ties all the Style elements together and simply looks superb (15).  The labels throughout the tandem are all handmade and match to the luxurious theme throughout, adding the perfect finishing touches to the Style design (16).


The best thing about the Zoom Style is how versatile it is (17-20).  It's the only tandem that offers true face to face interaction for children.  In theory with it's 2 seat units, carrycots and Risus Group 0+ car seats, there are 16 seating combinations and this doesn't even take into account the position adjustment of the seat units.  It's safe to say that if you need to transport 2 little ones around, you're guaranteed to find a seating combination that suits you - and it's extremely quick and easy to modify whenever you need to.


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