Product Spotlight: ABC Design Mamba Plus

The Mamba Plus is one of the new 2016 products from ABC Design.  This ultra versatile pushchair features 3 level adjustable suspension, a full lie back seat unit which can be parent or forward facing, an adjustable height & length footrest, UPF 50+ hood and is compatible with the ABC Design Mamba Plus carrycot and Risus Group 0+ infant car seat.  If you'd rather have a 3 wheeled pushchair, then take a look at the Cobra Plus which offers all the same amazing features but on a three wheel chassis.

Upon first unpacking the Mamba Plus (1), you can see that the parts are relatively straight forward as to where they fit.  The instructions are very simple to follow and before you know it, you've got the wheels on (2) and then the seat unit attached (3).  All the elements are quick release: a button on the front of each front wheel releases them, a button in the centre of the rear wheels releases them and the seat unit is held in by a clip on either side which also has indicators as to whether or not the seat is secure.  Also in pictures 2 and 3, you can see the reflective safety strip down the side of the large shopping basket reacting to the camera flash. 

To make life easier for the parent, the handle bar can be adjusted from 83cm (4) to 109cm (5), meaning that no matter what your height, the Mamba Plus will be as comfortable for you to push as possible.  To aid in getting little one in and out of the seat, the bumper bar releases and opens on either side (6) and can be removed completely just as easily. In this picture you can also see the extra padded seat unit and padded shoulder and crotch pads.  The harness also features a small Velcro’d loop for holding little one’s pacifier or toy.

To make it even comfier for little one, the foot rest is not only height adjustable (7-8), but is also length adjustable (8-9), a feature that isn’t seen on many pushchairs.  In these pictures, you can also see the main bracket for attaching and adjusting the seat unit.  With one of these on either side, the top element pulls upwards to release the seat unit completely, the circular button in the middle allows you to recline the seat unit, and beneath that you can see the safety indicator – it’s showing green in these pictures as the seat unit is correctly fastened.  If this was red, it would mean you hadn't securely attached the seat unit and should try again.  However, the seat unit is so simple to attach that you should only ever see it showing red when it isn't attached at all.

The Mamba Plus comes with 3 level adjustable suspension that is extremely simple to change, but really does make a difference to the springiness of the pushchair.  With the larger wavy line on display (10), the suspension is at is softest and would easily handle extremely rough terrain.  By simply pushing down and twisting the part with the line on, the suspension can be changed to middle firmness and then the firmest setting (11), which is perfect for general use when you don’t need the extra bounce.  When you need to lock or unlock the front swivel wheels, a simple press with your foot on the top of each wheel (12) does the job effortlessly.

The Mamba Plus’s hood is extremely versatile.  It features UPF 50+ throughout and various levels of extendibility.  Its standard extension (13) is more than enough protection for everyday use, but if it’s sunny at all, simply flip out the sun visor (14).  Undoing the zip around the rear extends the hood to nearly double its original size – perfect for when it’s raining hard.  To finish off the hoods features, there is a coverable parent viewing window on the top for keeping an eye on your little one.

To add to the already impressive list of features, the Mamba Plus features full lie back and as with all the other recline positions, can be used in either a forward (17) or parent (18) facing position.  If you wish to use the Mamba Plus from birth, the chassis facilitates the use of both the Risus Group 0+ infant car seat (19) and the Mamba Plus carrycot (20).

With all these amazing features, the Mamba Plus covers the demands of most parents and is so versatile that it will seamlessly become part of your way of life.  To find a stockist or for more details, simply click on the link below.


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