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5 top tips to survive teething.

Your once so peaceful little bundle now has marathon screaming fits, gnawing on just about everything whilst sporting red flushed cheeks and a dribble covered chin, while most babies begin teething around six months, that first tooth can appear anytime between three and 14 months. Teeth usually come in pairs, starting with the bottom front two and followed by the top front two.

Here is 5 top tried and tester teething hacks!

1. Wet washcloth.
Grab yourself a clean facecloth or flannel, submerge it in water or baby/breast milk and pop it in the freezer. Offer this to your baby next time teething rears its ugly head. The texture of the cloth will massage their gums whilst also cooling them down and giving your little one some much needed numbing relief.

2. Baby Toothbrush.  
The bristles really seemed to satisfy those sore itchy gums and it kept them occupied whilst also giving them some excellent tooth brushing practice! Sometimes the simple things work the best.

3. Chilled fruit & veggie…

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