Becoming a mum - Mother's Day Special

Becoming a mum all starts when you get that first positive test, the feeling of love, joy and excitement all rolled into one. 

The first trimester can be difficult. Even though your baby is still only tiny your body can change quite a lot, with slight twinges and tightening, your hair begins to thicken and grow, tiredness starts and you may begin to have morning sickness (this can trick you, it doesn't just happen in the morning) but it is definitely worth it all. 
At the end of the first trimester (around 12 weeks), you have your first scan, the first time you get to see your little creation. This is one of the best feelings ever seeing the baby that you made inside your stomach wriggling around. This is when most people share the exciting news with family and friends.

Then you enter the second trimester, this is known to be the easiest out of the 3. Your baby grows from the size of a nectarine to the size of a lettuce in this trimester

Your body should have adjusted and your sickness should begin to disappear. I found that this was where all the energy began to come back and I began to feel more "normal" again.  This is the trimester where your belly begins to form a lovely bump and you start to feel your little one move. T
his is when it begins to feel real. At the start just you will be able to feel the little flutters and movements but with time they will progress into tiny kicks and your partner will be able to feel them too.

At the end of this trimester, you will have your anomoly scan. This normally takes around 20/30 minutes, and is where they take measurements, check for certain things within your baby to make sure that everything is going ok. At this scan you can request to find out the sex of the baby. Some love the surprise but we wanted to know, (i was too impatient to wait) We could then start preparing the nursery and of course begin the much loved clothes shopping (dad didn't agree with this bit)

It's a GIRL! We were both overjoyed. Even though the other half was happy he did get the sonographer to double check, actually triple check.

The third trimester, is where your bump seems to grow so much quicker, the movement increases rapidly and your tiredness and sickness pay a return visit.
This trimester is where we began to buy the nursery furniture. We chose to have a crib as we felt that it provided a little extra room for baby than a moses basket would and also featured a fantastic swinging motion to settle baby. We then chose a 2 piece room set (Cot bed and changing unit) the cot bed is suitable from birth to 4 years old and can convert from a cot bed into a toddler bed. Isn't that great?

At around 28 weeks we booked a private 4D scan, it was absolutely brilliant, you could see our little girls features, including her little button nose and hear her heartbeat. It was perfect! I would highly recommend booking one of these.

Then it becomes the time for your little one to enter the world. This may take 30 minutes or could take 30 hours, but once your baby is put on to your chest this is the most amazing feeling ever. You are filled with happiness and completely proud the little human that your body has been growing for the past 9 months is finally here. All the sickness, tiredness and heartburn was well and truly worth it.



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