Over a month has passed since my return to work and as the saying goes “it feels like I’ve never been away.”  I’ve almost got the hang of getting the bags lined up ready to go and just about learnt how to string a sentence together.  Typically Baba blessed the ladies at nursery with his first rollover in his second week so I just hope that I get to see the first crawl and steps! 
With all three children at home over the Easter period I needed to find some activities to keep everyone occupied.  Uncle and Aunty Roddie provided us with some huge goose eggs, which were blown.  Armed with paints and aprons we set about doing some decorating.  It was great fun, Little Lady, Peepa (Little Lady’s best friend) and Chappie, painstakingly did an undercoat before decorating them with patterns.  Even Baba had a go (well I put paint on his fingers and we did some finger prints between paint tasting!)  The finished products are proudly on display at home for all to see and they were a great way to pass the time.  Little Lady even took hers in to ‘show and tell,’ well actually she did the ‘tell’ and not the ‘show’ as I forgot to send it in to school.  (A week later it finally made its’ way in to school for the show!) 
Little Lady came running up to me one day shouting “Chappie can jump” and bless him sure enough he was stood on the floor jumping.  It’s not something I’ve ever really thought about as sometimes your child ‘just does something’ and you can’t place a finger on when that something actually happened.  This milestone made it in to the little red book though, all thanks to Little Lady.
Today, Chappie has gone to nursery for the first time in ‘big boy pants’ so we will see how that goes.  I am hoping that with the encouragement of his little friends he will soon reach the milestone of being a fully fledged pant wearer.
As the weather seems to have finally reached a turning point we have been spending more time outside in the garden.  Chappie loves to cut the grass with his ‘ornmower’ it’s just a shame that it doesn’t actually do the job properly.  He even has the action of pressing the button and pulling the cord to start it and likes nothing more than walking up and down while his Daddy does the real thing. 
A few days ago I was upstairs dressing Baba, when Little Lady and Chappie came clambering up.  I thought nothing of it, but when I looked at Little Lady she gave me the biggest shock.  Her beautiful long golden locks were no more and the words ‘mullet’ sprung to mind.  Oh dear, she had taken it upon herself to hone her hairdressing skills, not on the Girlsworld but on herself!  Yes, chunks were missing out of the front of her hair.  Not only had Little Lady practically scalped herself, Chappie also had a new cut too.  Not quite as noticeable but still obvious to those in the know.  Needless to say we had words regarding the appropriate use of scissors and an appointment at the hairdressers to try and disguise the damage.

At the end of the day it is great to look back and cherish those simple moments which make life as interesting as it is.  Who knows what the future may bring, as long as it’s no more hairdressing episodes I’m sure there will be lots more stories to tell.


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