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Spring has sprung a time for new beginnings - perfect for the creation of the new Memo Mummy blog at Obaby.

As the Mum of 3 little treasures, all under 5, and with the end of my maternity leave looming ever closer, it was time to decide whether to return to work or become a full time stay at home Yummy Mummy. With ‘Little Lady’ who’s 4, ‘Chappie’ who’s 2 and ‘Baba’ who’s 9 months old, could I really fit in work as well?

Although I have a wonderful husband who helps out when time allows, I am the main carer in our family, generally responsible for our 3 children 24/7. However pushed for time I may find myself I wanted to return to work so that I had something else to focus on and achieve for me. I also feel that time spent away from my husband and I is beneficial for our children and has enabled them to start to develop the social skills which they need for the future.

My two older children have both used our excellent local nursery provider over the last few years, so the choice of childcare for my 9 month old was an easy decision.

Following discussions with work to finalise my hours my first day had nearly arrived. Getting ‘Little Lady’ to school on time was a chore, so how on earth would I get 3 children and myself out of the house on time? Well, the night before each bag was stocked with all of the necessities a child or Mummy may need, and then they were all lined up ready to be collected in the morning.

After a restless night, but a generally calm start to the day, we all piled in to the family car, bags and all, ready to go. Handing my 9 month old over to the lady at nursery I felt like I was abandoning him (his big brown eyes followed me out of the room,) but to be honest once I was at work it soon felt like I’d never been away.

I believe that time spent away from your children makes them appreciate you more. Nothing could make a Mummy or Daddy feel more special than when their child’s face lights up when they walk in to the room, just like Baba’s did when I collected him from his first full day as a big boy at nursery. He’d had a lovely day with his big brother ‘Chappie’ showing him the ropes.

A few days after my return to work my 4 year old daughter brought me a bunch of daffodils heart-warmingly saying “Happy Mother’s Day Mummy”. Although this kind gesture made me smile I couldn’t help but look out in to the garden where only a sorry bunch of green stalks remained!

As the Easter holidays are about to start I have been wondering how to keep 3 children entertained when we are all at home together. I think we will be planting some flowers to hide the stalks!

Watch this space for further updates from Memo Mummy.


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